Monday, 8 November 2010

A week of japanese tattooing!!

Ok, so last week was pretty busy...started a new backpiece, tattooed Javi at the shop that sat like a trooper for almost 4 hours to get his knee tattooed, finished the hinari tattoo and Gary's tiger (thanx man ;) ) and had a quick escape to was amazing, everytime i come back from that place i feel soo, i'm back to the drawing board!

I want to remind you all that on Friday there will be the opening of the "Idol Hours" Exibition at the London Miles Gallery, it will be an amazing exhibition, more then 40 artists and dj will be playing on the evening too....please come all along, no invitation required....have a peep at their website

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tattoo artist out now

Here is my painting on the front cover of TATTOO ARTISTS 2010, the first issue of the yearbook realized by Tattoo Life's for free with the last issue of tattoo life..... go and buy it!!

I also have some superfancy prints of it!
They are 342 x 438 mm big, Glicee' print on Somerset Velvet 255 gsm paper...the print is amazing and fades flawlessly into the paper like it was actually painted on it. I'm very pleased with them! For once! it's so hard to have good prints and it's such a shame considering the time i spend to paint all the details and that!!
The prints are 50£ each and the inks used are archival quality, so they won't fade or lose detail.
to buy please get in touch with me

342 x 438 mm, Glicee' print on Somerset Velvet 255 gsm paper
50£ + shipping

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

check this out!!! kinda funny!!

hey! look at me on the one of the biggest Tokyo newspapers!
ahah! :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hello everybody...soooooo......tooooo many news!!!
first come first.....i'm gunna upload a bit of tattoos in's only tuesday and i already had loads of fun this week! Especially cause my friend Stefy from Adrenalink Italy was guesting at the shop and i even got tattooed by her....she is just amazing, and now i feel inspired and full of good energies so instead of chilling and resting my hand, tonight i'm writing here! yay!!

NEWS also is the opening on November 12th of "the Idol Hours" exhibition at London Miles Gallery, and I'm very happily going to be part of the selection of 40 internetional artists that will be presenting their are all invited at the opening!!

what else? hmmmmmm.... i'm going to the theatre on friday from the first time here in London and i'm well excited!! ahahha
that's a personal note while i remembered the other they come....

I will be collaborating with Jay Read realizing a design for his clothing brand JILTED ROYALTY... Jay is an amazingly driven friend, and his apparel is so freaking amazing! proper quality bad ass-ness! Jay is getting tattooed by Matt Difa at the shop and always treating me with the funniest stories everytime....thank you man ;) !!

There's more boiling in my big pan, but untill everything is 100% confirmed i won't say anything else...... i think is more then enough for now!!!!

Ah...check few new links i added.... Jay Read and jilted Roayalty, Stefy and Crez at Adrenalink and London Miles Gallery!!

with love always

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


well lots happened in the last month...London Tattoo Convention, Made in Britain exhibition.....working and painting....photoshoots.....NEW TSHIRTS...more working and painting! i will be uploading bits in the next couple of days and set something up to buy tshirts online and new prints will also be available...they will be proper posh!

I just wanna take a minute to say thank you to all of you guys for supporting, for buying my tshirts, for coming back and getting more fun tattoos done and for showing always interest on what i'm doing.
In last couple of years i went through some pretty dark times finding myself to hate all about the industry. When i read 5 years ago Chris Cohnn myspace profile saying he quit tattooing because of it, i just couldnt believe it.
I went to my first convention when i was 15. I sacrificed a lot to do what i'm doing now and it all went ruined in such a short period of time that i was left with not even the time to understand what was happening. I'm a passionate person and i take everything at heart and doing so I found myself heartbroken. But in the last year i really changed a lot on my whole approach to tattooing and i became really private about it. I'm kinda trying to explain why i dont post things every night in either here or facebook or myspace or twitter or the next whatever! I just put a really small amount out there nowadays and everything became fun again!! It's too upsetting seeing people rapeing my designs or ideas or details and making money on top of it too!!

Enough blah blahs and here's some pics!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

MADE IN BRITAIN exhibition

Next friday the 10th of september LONDON MILES GALLERY will present MADE IN BRITAIN exhibition opening its door to everybody! And one of my latest painting will be there!!!
So guys, check the gallery out, it's amazing!

thats one of the reason for slacking on the uploads and also a sort of physical rejection to the internet and the whole networking thing had a major part on my absence!!!
some should come soon!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

out and about

well, i havent upload nothing in the last month cause i have been travelling quite a bit and spent little time in london....i was in italy, london and amsterdam all in one week.....pretty crazy and way too much time in airports i tell ya!!! but all for a very good cause...bit of working, bit of holiday and especially, having the chance to take part to a super nice exibition in Italy organized by the bad ass INFART COLLECTIVE at the ORTOBOTANIX.
the name of the exibition is PIEL. check it out, its pretty good!!!
the one above is the one i have at the exibition....

i was completly blown away by this painting by stefano beautiful....propa.

here's one by KOES, love this guy....he is so damned nice and always make me laugh!!!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

owl and hawk for my 30th

It was my 30th birthday so my lovely boyfriend took me for a super nice weekend in the middle of the country side and we had a bit of raptor was amazing...i wanted to do falconery for soooo long and finally i had it!!! hawks are beautiful and clever and fun to watch...owls are thick as fuck apparently, and they sleep all the time...not too much fun, but pretty!!i wanted to take all the birds at home apart for the eagle.....soooo big it could have eaten a child in one go, and thinking about it now, it would have been useful to get rid of some of those skanky Cally kids...but never mind!
thats it...i want a hawk.

Friday, 21 May 2010

its all about birds.....and some more london-ness

here's a couple of tattoos i did's cathedral and a crow and compass was fun!some more to come soon....wish u all a good week end...i'm off to the country side to make some birds fly.....bit of falconry and medieval looking castles!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

From Painting to Tattoo....

I finally finished this piece on lovely Alaina, she liked one of my painting and with some adjustments and changes here's what came out.....

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Girls Love Eastpak day

Few weeks ago i took part at a very nice event called Girls Love Eastpack at the Eastpak Shop in Carnaby was a beautiful sunny day and i had loads of fun with some old friends and make some new ones....It was an all female event and all the ladies were absolutely top girls i must say! Great graff artists, breakdancers singers and DJ's........I didn't know we ended up on the Molotow website! heres the link to it......some nice pics from the day...have a look cause there will be more event of this kind coming up this summer!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Little doll

heres a little russian doll i tattooed in a sort of wierd position on the forearm to match a tattoo on the same position on the other was fun!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I finally came back from Italy and back to work again.....i had a great time with the guys at Indastria, super nice welcoming funny people...i've done looooots of tattoos and i really enjoyed....heres a new bunch of pics!!
I hope to find the time and will to be more regular on my posts, it's just a bit hard with all the things i have to do!!
I apologize guys! ;)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

one more picture before i go....

i did this (the ship in the middle only) last week.......I'm not going to upload anything untill i get back from italy....apparently it's snowing there!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

lost password, lost account, but i'm back in the end!!!

Yes, i managed to forget all of the accounts informations, but after a week of trying i finally remembered the right combination!!
in the meanwhile, i did and finished some new tattoos that im gunna post them in a sec.
Next week I'm gunna be working in my hometown (padova) at my friends' shop called INDASTRIA TATTOO. I'm already booked up but I'm going to be back more often.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday tattooing

Sometimes in a while i tattoo on my day off....this is on an amazing customers of mine....she asked for a Metropolis tattoo but, because all i did on her is traditional looking, she asked to have it a bit more pin up and a bit less stiff....that's what she got!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Back to the web

Hello everybody
i'm new to the blogging universe, so probably my next few posts will be a bit messed up and i apologized for that in advance. The reason why i choose to start a blog is to share with everybody what i am doing,and what i am part of at the moment, so you will probably see and read about some of the great people and artist that i'm surrounded by every day. I hope you will check my page oftenly and keep updated with what's going on here in north London. I will post weekly pictures of tattoos, painting, sketches or whatever i feel to show you all!
hope you will enjoy it
sincerly Claudia.