Wednesday, 6 October 2010


well lots happened in the last month...London Tattoo Convention, Made in Britain exhibition.....working and painting....photoshoots.....NEW TSHIRTS...more working and painting! i will be uploading bits in the next couple of days and set something up to buy tshirts online and new prints will also be available...they will be proper posh!

I just wanna take a minute to say thank you to all of you guys for supporting, for buying my tshirts, for coming back and getting more fun tattoos done and for showing always interest on what i'm doing.
In last couple of years i went through some pretty dark times finding myself to hate all about the industry. When i read 5 years ago Chris Cohnn myspace profile saying he quit tattooing because of it, i just couldnt believe it.
I went to my first convention when i was 15. I sacrificed a lot to do what i'm doing now and it all went ruined in such a short period of time that i was left with not even the time to understand what was happening. I'm a passionate person and i take everything at heart and doing so I found myself heartbroken. But in the last year i really changed a lot on my whole approach to tattooing and i became really private about it. I'm kinda trying to explain why i dont post things every night in either here or facebook or myspace or twitter or the next whatever! I just put a really small amount out there nowadays and everything became fun again!! It's too upsetting seeing people rapeing my designs or ideas or details and making money on top of it too!!

Enough blah blahs and here's some pics!

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