Monday, 21 March 2011

New Flash sheets!!

Hello guys!
I dont know if you have been at Eatspak yet, but here's are the new flash i painted for it!
At the moment they are only 3, but there's a forth coming and they can be all bought seperately as single sheets.
Once again the print is glicee and it's on Somerset velvet paper 225gms.....they are all A3 size and have white border around it.
To buy just go on the side bar!
thanx a lot!


Friday, 18 March 2011


Too many things need for a break, big time

Well.....the last 3 weeks had been crazy intense...Pens and Needles exhibition was a huge success, hundreds came and join us and it was so amazing! A mega THANX to Tina and Andrea and Phil at the London Miles Gallery, for making such a great event happen!
Eastpak "SOLO" opened aswell as it was amazing to see some guys i havent seen in a long time! like Maxime, the genius mind that created Sang Bleu magazine and his lovely sister!
I will post some pics about them and an amazing video of Pens and Needles!!

Work and that apart, my mind has been plenty busy with the tragedy that is afflicting still Japan......I don't think i have words for it, but only prays for it and really try to send all my love and good energies to Japan, for it to shine again soon.
To this porpuse, me and the guys at Jolie Rouge will be doing a Sunday service tattooing from flash we will be painting soon. All the money, from tattooing, and the sell of the flash themselves , will go to charity towards probably the Red Cross, and we are looking for other organization that can help to. As a tattooist that love and respect Japanese culture i think it's the minimum i can do to help.
Please follow the shop facebook to keep updated with the event...i think it will be on the 17th or something!

I also want to thank those who bought my prints already and remind you all that they are numbered 20 dragon and girl, 25 the lady of shallot and tudor girl!
So get on them before they are all gone!

The Opening reception of Pens and Needles at London Miles. 25/02/2011 from London Miles on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pre order your prints and no shipping cost for ya....till next week!!

Ok, week big opening of my solo exhibition at Eastpak Gallery in Carnaby Street! I will be selling prints also of my new set of flash that will be online only at the end of the show, so if u wanna see it pop down!! A bit differently then what i normally do, instead of selling by the set i will be selling by the sheet, so everyone can buy what they like and have it at home for themselves.....All the prints will be Glicee quality on Somerset Paper 225gms...i swear they are amazing prints!!...not like cheap digital, but archival quality....super sweeeet!!
So if you buy till next thursday the shipping will be on meee!! (next day delivery all of uk, 3 days rest of europe) and everything will be shipped on friday the 11th after the opening!
go on then, buy us a print! :) you see on the left all the ones you can get!

You are all invited!!!
Free Tiger beer, and my mate Clair will be djing for us ! should be fun!!

I also want to thank everyone who came down to the London Miles Gallery last friday....apparently there were more then 400 people!! It was crazy busy and amazing! Thank you all and thanx to Phil and Tina at the london miles!!