Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tattoo artist out now

Here is my painting on the front cover of TATTOO ARTISTS 2010, the first issue of the yearbook realized by Tattoo Life's for free with the last issue of tattoo life..... go and buy it!!

I also have some superfancy prints of it!
They are 342 x 438 mm big, Glicee' print on Somerset Velvet 255 gsm paper...the print is amazing and fades flawlessly into the paper like it was actually painted on it. I'm very pleased with them! For once! it's so hard to have good prints and it's such a shame considering the time i spend to paint all the details and that!!
The prints are 50£ each and the inks used are archival quality, so they won't fade or lose detail.
to buy please get in touch with me

342 x 438 mm, Glicee' print on Somerset Velvet 255 gsm paper
50£ + shipping

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

check this out!!! kinda funny!!

hey! look at me on the one of the biggest Tokyo newspapers!
ahah! :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hello everybody...soooooo......tooooo many news!!!
first come first.....i'm gunna upload a bit of tattoos in's only tuesday and i already had loads of fun this week! Especially cause my friend Stefy from Adrenalink Italy was guesting at the shop and i even got tattooed by her....she is just amazing, and now i feel inspired and full of good energies so instead of chilling and resting my hand, tonight i'm writing here! yay!!

NEWS also is the opening on November 12th of "the Idol Hours" exhibition at London Miles Gallery, and I'm very happily going to be part of the selection of 40 internetional artists that will be presenting their are all invited at the opening!!

what else? hmmmmmm.... i'm going to the theatre on friday from the first time here in London and i'm well excited!! ahahha
that's a personal note while i remembered the other they come....

I will be collaborating with Jay Read realizing a design for his clothing brand JILTED ROYALTY... Jay is an amazingly driven friend, and his apparel is so freaking amazing! proper quality bad ass-ness! Jay is getting tattooed by Matt Difa at the shop and always treating me with the funniest stories everytime....thank you man ;) !!

There's more boiling in my big pan, but untill everything is 100% confirmed i won't say anything else...... i think is more then enough for now!!!!

Ah...check few new links i added.... Jay Read and jilted Roayalty, Stefy and Crez at Adrenalink and London Miles Gallery!!

with love always

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


well lots happened in the last month...London Tattoo Convention, Made in Britain exhibition.....working and painting....photoshoots.....NEW TSHIRTS...more working and painting! i will be uploading bits in the next couple of days and set something up to buy tshirts online and new prints will also be available...they will be proper posh!

I just wanna take a minute to say thank you to all of you guys for supporting, for buying my tshirts, for coming back and getting more fun tattoos done and for showing always interest on what i'm doing.
In last couple of years i went through some pretty dark times finding myself to hate all about the industry. When i read 5 years ago Chris Cohnn myspace profile saying he quit tattooing because of it, i just couldnt believe it.
I went to my first convention when i was 15. I sacrificed a lot to do what i'm doing now and it all went ruined in such a short period of time that i was left with not even the time to understand what was happening. I'm a passionate person and i take everything at heart and doing so I found myself heartbroken. But in the last year i really changed a lot on my whole approach to tattooing and i became really private about it. I'm kinda trying to explain why i dont post things every night in either here or facebook or myspace or twitter or the next whatever! I just put a really small amount out there nowadays and everything became fun again!! It's too upsetting seeing people rapeing my designs or ideas or details and making money on top of it too!!

Enough blah blahs and here's some pics!