Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tattoo artist out now

Here is my painting on the front cover of TATTOO ARTISTS 2010, the first issue of the yearbook realized by Tattoo Life's for free with the last issue of tattoo life..... go and buy it!!

I also have some superfancy prints of it!
They are 342 x 438 mm big, Glicee' print on Somerset Velvet 255 gsm paper...the print is amazing and fades flawlessly into the paper like it was actually painted on it. I'm very pleased with them! For once! it's so hard to have good prints and it's such a shame considering the time i spend to paint all the details and that!!
The prints are 50£ each and the inks used are archival quality, so they won't fade or lose detail.
to buy please get in touch with me

342 x 438 mm, Glicee' print on Somerset Velvet 255 gsm paper
50£ + shipping

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  1. Wow this is beautiful. I didn't realise you could buy prints of your work.