Tuesday, 6 July 2010

out and about

well, i havent upload nothing in the last month cause i have been travelling quite a bit and spent little time in london....i was in italy, london and amsterdam all in one week.....pretty crazy and way too much time in airports i tell ya!!! but all for a very good cause...bit of working, bit of holiday and especially, having the chance to take part to a super nice exibition in Italy organized by the bad ass INFART COLLECTIVE at the ORTOBOTANIX.
the name of the exibition is PIEL. check it out, its pretty good!!!
the one above is the one i have at the exibition....

i was completly blown away by this painting by stefano zattera....so beautiful....propa.

here's one by KOES, love this guy....he is so damned nice and always make me laugh!!!

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