Friday, 1 July 2011

getting back to normal life is not easy but here we go!

well, here we are again!

these last few months had been crazy, in so many ways......i put together a few pictures of ongoing and finish pieces that i enjoyed doing...some painting to go on tshirts or printed....a video that really inspired me.....and a yoga pose that i'm close to do properly!

on going backpiece

this is on my buddie naomi....i did it a while ago and forgot to post the picture......

this is on my mate alex fakso which second book is out.......FAST OR DIE, check it out!

this will go on tshirts soon and will be available at Tattoo Jam in august and maybe earlier in here!

painting i did for Sunday service for Japan last april

and here's how to do it....

please check this video, it's about Neda.....and freedom

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  1. Dear Claudia, Its always a joy to have you in Yoga class! This pose is called half compass, may your inner compass always guide you home to the glory of your own Self xoxo