Thursday, 2 June 2011

Randomly written thoughts of a sadly smiley young woman

For the first time i actually have a valid reason for not having updated my blog in over two months.
On the 25th of march i lost one of the dearest friend.
He was, IS, an example for me and always will be.
cheeky smiles and deep eyes,he had/has the ability to get the best out of all of us.
If i didn't met him i wouldn't have done sooo many things....graffiti missions to start with, tattooing in our living room all our mates, had not one job to survive but plenty more, crazy fast Vespa rides in the middle of the night, mad dances in public places and private ones too.....i missed for a long time watching Dirty Hands in our little bedroom, think about the future and see only our dreams and feel that energy that drives you to paint and draw that you can't control, when the ideas overwhelm your mind and your body and all you can do is keep searching for what in the end, could possibly satisfy your needs.
I think my heart and my brain are both refusing or just unable to understand what happened and i just live daily thinking about him, and keeping him alive in my memories.....i hear his voice calling my name, or my many names he gave me,and more than anything else remember that energy we shared in a tiny flat, and i feel blessed.
I look at the sky and feel blessed, i look around and i'm touched by the beauty of nature and of humanity in its best And jeos made some pretty amazing pieces of it. But to me he is a fellow, a brother, not just an artist...i don't see any of his pieces and paintings as definite, i saw and see the making and that walking along side of each other in doing something, pursuing dreams through mixing paint....the best of times the journey is more important than the destination, because you get to learn and evolve.
EVOLUTION is key, in everything we ever did together and apart. Each of our paintings and graffs is evolution, learning.......and that's just amazingly beautiful.

These days, my main presence had been the deep blue english sky, its puffed clouds and amazing sunsets...Elegant shapes of the victorian buildings in London distract me from the ugliness of people living in it.
I just wish we all slowed down and appreciate what we have and give ourselves the chance to have time to look for what we want and love, to SEE better.
Living fast makes you loose bits around that defined who you were in your rough natural shape and it's not always a good thing.

Thanx to you all my friends, for making my journey freaking awesome and beautiful.
I really love you. Ora e sempre.

"I am Jeos
Jeos is all of us
My name is Giacomo
See ya"
Mote Driiin

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  1. There's not much one can say after your lovely words. But I am so sorry for your loss, it's clear he was a true companion and friend and has a beautiful soul. Rest in peace Jeos.